MAGURO brand was created in year 2000 to capture the promising outlook of reliable & affordable fishing products in line with increasing demands by anglers. New variance of high quality keeps being added over the years to our existing products and today MAGURO proudly presents to all our valued customers a complete range of fishing products including Rods, Reels, Lines (PE, Nylon and Flourocarbon), Hooks (Carbon steel and Stainless steel) and Accessories (Floats and Swivels).

Our main objective is to always keep our valued customers satisfied by continuous improvement of quality as well as value of our products and in order to achieve such goal, a qualified R&D team along with experienced field testers have been dedicated to focus on product improvement.

For any questions or remarks regarding Maguro products and services we advise you to use our contact form.

The Team
Maguro Fishing Team is a fishing team formed by Brand Management Division of Dunia Pancing Indonesia consisting certain persons from DPI itself and customers that uses Maguro products. The objectives are to build and spread the confidence in using Maguro products and in its quality; and tightened the brotherhood and spirit of sportivity among fellow Maguro users and globally among fellow fishing maniacs.

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Komplek Sentra Latumeten Blok C23-24
Jl. PROF. DR Latumeten No. 50
Jakarta 11460 Indonesia
Phone : +6221 56975501
Facsimile : +6221 56975502